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Instructing us to sell your property

By entering into an agreement with us to sell your property you will provide to us various pieces of personal information, which we will need to provide you with the high-quality service you require, to ultimately facilitate the successful marketing and sale of your property.

Data Collection

The information required by us will vary depending on circumstances. It will include the information within the agreement you sign, but it may not be limited to this information.

Using Your Data

We will provide some data to others only where it is required and as outlined below, or in accordance with your stipulated wishes. Your information will not be passed to any third party not listed in below without obtaining your consent.

We will use your information in the manner outlined below, but may be required to do more –

Identification Details – We may hold copies of your photographic identity documents and at least one document that confirms your home address.  We may also use an online service to verify your identity. This is done to meet our obligation under Money Laundering Regulations. Additionally, it is required to protect our position and look after your interests.  It assists us to ensure we are dealing with the owners of the property and we are not becoming involved in any money laundering situation. In line with our obligation the copy documents and/or identity verification report will be held for 5 years from the date of the property sale or the date you withdraw your property from the market. We will not provide any other party with copies of these documents, except solicitors or estate agents involved in the sale of your property, who also have an obligation to verify your identity and they formally request it.

Prospective Buyers – Basic information about your property will be provided to anyone who makes an enquiry to us about potentially viewing or purchasing your property.  This information will include the property details we produced and any other relevant information you provide to us, including the information in any property information questionnaire you complete for us.

Viewings – We will organise viewings on your behalf, to suit you and the viewer. Where we are conducting the viewing for you, it is important that you check your property prior to the viewing to ensure that any personal information you would not wish a viewer to see is removed. We may provide the viewer with details of the person who is to meet them at the property and conduct the viewing.

Negotiating with Prospective Buyers and Handling Offers to Purchase the Property – We will negotiate with prospective buyers and take offers from them.  This process will involve providing potential buyers with relevant personal information to facilitate a successful negotiation. This will also involve providing you with relevant and necessary personal information about the potential buyer.  You should ensure that you treat any information we provide to you as confidential and it must not be passed on or shared with any other person or business.

Agreed Sale – Once a sale is agreed we will provide your personal contact information to the buyer and the solicitors acting for both parties. We may provide your contact information to various professionals that may be acting for the buyer, such as surveyors and contractors wanting access to the property to produce estimates, etc. We may pass on your data when discussing the sale of your property with various parties once a sale is agreed in order to facilitate exchange of contracts and completion of the sale.

Storage of Your Data

In all cases we will hold your personal information securely, either in hard copy on our property files or digitally within our software. We use software from Expert Agent who are data processors of information we hold.