Our approach to marketing

Lodestone does not operate on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with its marketing. Instead it reflects the way we run the rest of our business:  we are proactive and treat every property individually.  We identify the most suitable target market for that house, and then tailor a creative strategy to fit, principally through either our own social media channels, or sometimes through those of bloggers who we work closely with, which in turn drives people to our website.  Digital advertising is incredibly effective as it allows us to reach the right audiences, geographically and demographically.  It is more instant and responsive and it allow us to focus on the USPs of each house.

We have over 14,000 visitors to our website every month of which approximately 25% are from London and 20% from overseas. We also engage actively with local publications and newspapers which means we can often run features.  Lodestone, and its houses, have also been featured in national newspapers.

Lodestone Life Magazine